Our Mission: To ensure that each student achieves his/her highest personal potential
Our Vision: To be a world-class school system


Dr. Graham

Nancy J. Graham, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools
Lee County Public Education Center
2855 Colonial Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33966

Phone: (239) 337-8301

Office Fax: (239) 337-8378

Nancy J. Graham, Ed.D


Welcome to the School District of Lee County’s website. Thank you for taking some time to learn more about our school system and the many ways the staff here is working to meet the needs of students of all ages and abilities.

I recently looked up the word superintendent and found these definitions: 1. a person who oversees or directs some work, enterprise, establishment, organization, district, etc.; supervisor. 2. a person who is in charge of maintenance and repairs of an apartment house; custodian. 3. a high-ranking police officer, especially a chief of police or an officer ranking next above an inspector. It occurred to me as I read the varied ways a superintendent is defined that as Superintendent of Schools, I am expected to fill all of these roles…and more. And, I accept that challenge with enthusiasm!

The School District of Lee County is a diverse community rich in talent and strengths that serve our students well. Our goal is to be sure children realize their potential by being part of their support team that includes parents, guardians, mentors, and others who are in each child’s sphere of influence. Please join us in our day to day efforts intended to help our school system reach its goal for all children.

As the Superintendent, I commit my willingness to collaborate with you to benefit the students in our schools. What could any of us do that is more meaningful than working together to raise a generation of educated and productive men and women? We need them for our future, and they need us right now.

Thank you, again, for taking time to visit our website. We really are in this together!

Nancy J. Graham, Ed.D
Nancy J. Graham, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools

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